I experienced first-hand the financial pressures that many families face today.  I grew up with divorced parents, three sisters and a single mom with visitations to my father in the summer.  I worked all through high school and I put myself through college.  Married at 19 I juggled college, work and motherhood while getting my degree. I attended City College, used grants and student loans to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Education. Later while working full time I attained my Master’s Degree at Boise State University.

I have not been one who is politically active and was a registered Republican until 3 years ago.  As a moderate Democrat with progressive ideas and values, I am fiscally conservative and believe that everybody who works hard and acts responsibly should have opportunity.  I am thankful for the many opportunities provided for me and for my education. My vision for this state is to see Idahoans provided with these same opportunities.