Why Me

Because I know I can do a much better job than our current legislators! We need someone who’s looking out for our interests, not their own. And we need someone who cares about our future, and our children’s future. I have taught over 5000 kids in this state, many of whom are adults now, and nothing I could teach in my classroom could prepare them for the lack of opportunity they face!

Our legislature continues to promise tax cuts just to get your vote, and they hope we don’t notice that the services we expect, like a good education for our children, are being whittled away to nothing. No wonder Idaho schools are 50th in the nation.  Healthcare should be a given, our public lands are priceless and should stay protected for all to use, and we need to invest in our economy.  And where’s the plan to handle the 2.1% annual population growth and avoid increasing our traffic issues?

And there are so many other issues where our legislature just resists & fight attempts to maintain and improve the quality of life here.  They are taking us in the wrong direction, holding our children back, and limiting their future – our future!

Like many of you, I have had ‘my head in the sand’, but now recognize that there is something drastically wrong with the direction this legislature is taking us.  I know I have what it takes to help turn this state around, get our educational system way above 50th place, develop smart plans for our population growth, save our public lands for our kids and their kids, and help attract new jobs so our kids don’t need to move out of state to find work.

Working hard for these goals is my promise to you…!