My vision


I see providing our children an early education program, with career oriented educational opportunities for high school students. I see infrastructure projects which create jobs for Idahoans, attracting new business to our state, and that provide a livable wage. I see smart growth planning, anticipating our population increase and transportation needs.

I will focus on education, healthcare, public lands, growth and our economy so that Idaho families can be successful.


A persons level of commitment should be measured by their time spent in service to their community.  I was 17 years old when I knew I wanted to give back by becoming a teacher.  And after 29 years, my commitment to my community and for teaching is still going strong.  I believe public service is more than doing a job efficiently; it is a commitment that comes from deep inside, and a dedication to helping people.


If lasting 29 years teaching adolescents doesn’t convince anyone of some serious level of determination, then know that I am just as passionate about Idaho’s educational system getting out of last place, Comprehensive Medicare for All, protecting our public lands, and stimulating Idaho’s economy!  Our legislature has taken us down the wrong path, but enough is enough!  I’m not going to finish until Idaho is back on a path to prosperity and a place we would be proud to leave to our children!

“I have a strong vision for the future of Idaho, a history of commitment to what I believe in, and the determination to see it through!”

Why Me

Because I know I can do a much better job than our current legislators! We need someone who’s looking out for our interests, not their own. And we need someone who cares about our future, and our children’s future. I have taught over 5000 kids in this state, many of whom are adults now, and nothing I could teach in my classroom could prepare them for the lack of opportunity they face!

Our legislature continues to promise tax cuts just to get your vote, and they hope we don’t notice that the services we expect, like a good education for our children, are being whittled away to nothing. No wonder Idaho schools are 50th in the nation.  Healthcare should be a given, our public lands are priceless and should stay protected for all to use, and we need to invest in our economy.  And where’s the plan to handle the 2.1% annual population growth and avoid increasing our traffic issues?

And there are so many other issues where our legislature just resists & fight attempts to maintain and improve the quality of life here.  They are taking us in the wrong direction, holding our children back, and limiting their future – our future!

Like many of you, I have had ‘my head in the sand’, but now recognize that there is something drastically wrong with the direction this legislature is taking us.  I know I have what it takes to help turn this state around, get our educational system way above 50th place, develop smart plans for our population growth, save our public lands for our kids and their kids, and help attract new jobs so our kids don’t need to move out of state to find work.

Working hard for these goals is my promise to you…!



I experienced first-hand the financial pressures that many families face today.  I grew up with divorced parents, three sisters and a single mom with visitations to my father in the summer.  I worked all through high school and I put myself through college.  Married at 19 I juggled college, work and motherhood while getting my degree. I attended City College, used grants and student loans to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Education. Later while working full time I attained my Master’s Degree at Boise State University.

I have not been one who is politically active and was a registered Republican until 3 years ago.  As a moderate Democrat with progressive ideas and values, I am fiscally conservative and believe that everybody who works hard and acts responsibly should have opportunity.  I am thankful for the many opportunities provided for me and for my education. My vision for this state is to see Idahoans provided with these same opportunities.


As your representative, I not only represent our district; I represent the interests of all of Idaho.


Our Legislature keeps cutting taxes…scholastically Idaho ranks last in the nation! We need to prioritize education, increase resources for public schools and higher education to give our kids a competitive chance. We need to partner with public schools, provide early education and more educational opportunities for those students who choose not to attend college. We need better coordination with local businesses with affordable vocational training and affordable junior colleges.

School Impact fees make sense, this onetime fee that is charged to a developer who is building houses or commercial buildings.  It encourages growth to pay for growth. This allows the housing community to pay a portion of their share without financially overburdening the current tax payers.


We must grow a strong and robust economy in Idaho.  The key to building this economy is improving our educational system so we can provide talented and technically qualified local people to fill jobs.  Prioritize infrastructure projects that create jobs for Idahoans, both long term and short term, and attract new business to our state.  For example, bring broadband to both rural and urban areas, to increase internet accessibility attracting both existing business from outside Idaho and local startups. If we were to adopt a livable wage for everyone in the state we will be putting money in the pockets of those who will spend it almost immediately.

Public Lands

Our lands are priceless. Keep public lands public and protected. Public land access is tied to our economic growth, and protecting this resource ensures enjoyment of this valuable resource for generations to come, and for Idaho. Keep public lands accessible for hunting, recreation, and available for our enjoyment. Keep federal funding for timber management, recreation, protection of wildlife species and fire protection. We have such a large amount of public land and beautiful wilderness we simply lack state resources to manage and maintain Idaho quality, ourselves.


Everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare.  Medicaid expansion was approved by 60.5 % of the vote in 2018. We need to adopt a ‘comprehensive Medicare for all’ healthcare program where everyone is fully covered with no deductibles and no co-pays. We need to adopt alternative programs, we can easily model Utah’s example and provide relief from numerous medical conditions by creating a law similar to their ‘Medical Cannabis Act’ of 2018.


Because of growth, and the lack of planning, our roads are congested.  We need to increase funding for transportation, plan for the growth and develop effective forms of public transportation.  We need to provide incentives for ride sharing and mass transit.